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Do you hear what I hear?

Today we are going to focus on our sense of sound. Use those ears to listen and see what you hear.


I want you to explore these 5 areas for 1 minute each. You can sit or lie down and close your eyes but make sure you are quiet and still so you can hear everything!

  1. Lay on your bed- What sounds do you hear?
  2. Lay on your couch- What sounds do you hear?
  3. Sit on your front step- What sounds do you hear?
  4. Go sit in your backyard- What sounds do you hear?
  5. Sit or lay in an area of your choice- What sounds do you hear?

Grab a piece of paper and journal about one of the places you were and the sounds that you heard. 


Finish up today listening to this yoga video and trying your best to relax. Yoga is so good for us!

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